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Subject: Quebecois Transcriptionists

Bonjour Ludo,

. Je travaille a SRI (Stanford Research Institute) ou on fait de la
recherche concernant les systemes de reconnaissance de la parole.
Maintenant on en fait un pour la population Canadienne francaise. Donc, je
cherche quelques gens pour les postes suivantes. Thus, if you no someone
who might be interested I would appreciate very much if you could pass the
information on. Merci beaucoup!



We currently have openings for three temporary full-time French-Canadian
transcriptionists. Candidates should be native Quebecois speakers.* The
positions will be for approximately six weeks to two months beginning July
20. The positions entail listening to words and phrases spoken by Quebecois
speakers and transcribing the detail for a speech research project. The
positions require MINIMAL typing abilities, so no previous experience is
necessary. The positions pay $15.00/hour. The place of employment will be
at SRI in Menlo Park, 30 miles south of San Francisco, which is accessible
by commuter train. If you are interested, please contact:

Dr. Richard Eyraud Research Linguist SRI International Menlo Park, CA (650)
859-4950 email: eyraud@speech.sri.com

*Note: If we are unable to fill these positions by French-Canadian speakers,
we will then consider other native speakers of French.


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