Less than 15c/mn to call France

ludo lamy ludo.lamy@internetMCI.com
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:54:21 -0500

Following up to our telephone survey, none of you should
pay more than 15c /mn to call France.
We tried them.
>From local access number:
France, Paris = 10c
France             =13c

 Net2Phone is proud to offer Net2Phone Direct, the
 world's first True Phone Quality Internet Telephony
 Currently available in the United States (and soon
globally) you can use any telephone, even a
payphone to call any telephone in the world for the lowest
 possible rates.



 For more information and to sign up for Net2Phone
Direct please call   1-800-CALL-IDT
 (1-800-225-5438) and press 1.


 to find out if Penny Plan
is available in your area)


 WorldxChange introduces a revolution in international long distance!
  For international calls:
dial 10-10-629 + 011 + country code+ number
 then dial 12345 after the tone.
 and you'll only pay 15 per minute to France.
It's that simple!

 NO monthly fee!
NO signing up!
NO minimum usage!

  That's right!
Only one low rate,  anytime of the day
any day of the week!

And it's hassle-free! No signing up, no
monthly fee, and the calls are automatically included 
on the long distance portion of your local phone bill.
     Call for information 24 hours a day 7
days a week.
and check:


Have fun calling around the world  !!!!!!!!!


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