French luxury brand survey

ludo lamy
Sat, 15 May 1999 17:31:35 -0700

* French woman working for a marketing survey company called Ecars 
     located in Paris is looking for a student in order to help her for
     journalistic investigation as part of a marketing survey
     by an important French luxury brand.
     * Goal of this investigation : to study the lifestyles and values
     new young American wealthy people : 
     - especially young men and women working on the Web, or successful 
     companies in the Silicon Valley such as Yahoo, Reality Fusion,
     Materials, and so on or people working for Microsoft,
     ) ;
     - but also the young modern wealthy people : young people who start
     earn a lot of money in diverse fields : marketing, communication
     so on.
     * I am looking for a student (male or female) for the following 
     missions :
     - available during the week of the 24 May 99, for 4 or 5 full days
     work (from Monday 24 May until Friday 28 May 99 included)
     Y interested by new technologies (Internet) and the evolutions in
     field (sociological, economical changes.)
     - knowing well the Silicon Valley and willing to drive me through
     - with connections in the area (young people working in hi-tech 
     companies with interesting positions)
     - with a car and a driving licence to drive me around in the
     places to know in the area (restaurants-cafés-firms-houses) in
     to really understand the lifestyles of this target. (The car is a
     important condition since I do not have my driving licence yet).
     - the work will be paid : 165 $ net per day.
     * If interested, 
     - please contact Ms Hanh Trinh at the following phone number : 01
     38 60 54 (Paris - France)
     - or fax your cv and application at : 01 43 38 53 45 or e-mail :
     Many thanks.

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