French Internet software startup

ludo lamy
Wed, 19 May 1999 23:54:51 -0700

OPPORTUNITY in an early stage
Internet software startup in the Silicon Valley.

Gigraf Corporation, a Silicon Valley based e-commerce startup has just
received its first round of financing to develop a new type of consumer
E-trade product.
We are looking for three highly talented engineers to develop a NEW

Imagine the impact you can have being one of the first 10 employees!!!
We are a team of three and looking for the next multimillionaires!!

If you always had the feeling wanting to be recognized, Gigraf will make
the difference. You are great and we already know it. If you want to be
part of a new computer revolution while having fun, letís meet.

The open positions are:

2 Software Engineers
Minimum of 3 years experience required.
Skills: Visual C++, MFC, Win9x and a strong knowledge in object oriented
and solid experience in Windows programming.

1 Software engineer Database administrator
Minimum of 3 years experience required.
Skills: Visual C++, MFC, JAVA, Win9x, SQL, CGI, Web server and web

Gigraf will offer you attractive salary with stock options and a lot of
If your are AMBITIOUS, if you dream to create the world of the future
if you want to earn a LOT OF MONEY quickly, this is definitely an
opportunity for you!!

Send your resume by e-mail to or by fax to (408)
Attn:  Chief Technical Officer

Mentionning my E-mail might put you on the top list.

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